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Video about why do people support black lives matter:

Is #BlackLivesMatter Stupid?

Why do people support black lives matter. How Americans view the Black Lives Matter movement.

Why do people support black lives matter

It seems like the only black lives that matter to them are the ones taken by police officers. To deny the truth of these experiences because they make me uncomfortable would be to place my comfort above the safety of others, and I cannot do that. Only through such an ever-growing cross-racial struggle against racism can we begin to achieve a sense of all the lives that really do matter. In other words, when you say "All Lives Matter," you are perpetuating toxic racism and in fact causing harm. Perhaps it was best said by Martin Luther King, Jr. Couldn't I too learn a lot about hockey by listening to Wayne Gretzky? The figure of the black person as threat, as criminal, as someone who is, no matter where he is going, already-on-the-way-to-prison, conditions these pre-emptive strikes, attributing lethal aggression to the very figure who suffers it most. Perceived as a threat even when unarmed or completely physically subdued, or lying in the ground, as Rodney King clearly was, or coming back home from a party on the train and having the audacity to say to a policeman that he was not doing anything wrong and should not be detained: And why is that the case? I come from conservative Northeast Florida. Tap here to turn on desktop notifications to get the news sent straight to you.

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    For it is often in public spaces where such violence takes place, so reclaiming public space to oppose both racism and violence is an act that reverberates throughout the public sphere through various media. Working against those practices and institutions that refuse to recognize and mark the powers of state racism in particular, assemblies gather to mourn and resist the deadly consequences of such powers.


    So the police see a threat when there is no gun to see, or someone is subdued and crying out for his life, when they are moving away or cannot move.


    What has led us to this place? Demonstrations have the potential to embody forms of equality that we want to see realized in the world more broadly.


    After all, all of those are among the people on the street, outraged and demonstrating, opposing a lethal power that is becoming more and more normalized and, to that degree, more and more outrageous.