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Video about why do midgets laugh when they run:

When a midget falls into the water #2 try not to laugh

Why do midgets laugh when they run. MODERATORS.

Why do midgets laugh when they run

My wife came home today and told me a dwarf had touched her breast. Because they struggle to put food on the table. Why are we so obsessed with placing labels on people, based mostly on physical appearance or mental capacity? These two midgets were sat there bored one day. The race itself was a challenge as most triathlons are. We would love to play some of the famous venues across the US. I had to switch to midget porn, half the bandwidth You just have to be a little patient. Vegas Two midgets are in Las Vegas and they have a little money left over, so they decide to go get some hookers. Because drinking fountains are intended for utilization by people.

a good story for storytelling

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    After realizing that he had no desire to apologize or retract his blog post, members of the "Little People of America" went out and designed a petition through Change. Appreciate the little things.


    One is a cunning runt, and the other is a running cunt. When he saw it coming down the road he broke into a jog.


    Well they can't reach for themselves, can they?


    Mind you, I kept a copy of the entire post along with most of the comments made against what he had to say.


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