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Video about why do girls play with their hair:

Women Play Hair Nah: Don't Touch Black Hair

Why do girls play with their hair. Why do women play with their hair when talking to men?.

Why do girls play with their hair

In certain situations when one is either stressed or nervous, people especially woman may often play with their hair. Maybe she is taking her hair and twirling it around her fingers and looking at you? There are also some individuals who will play with their hair based on a nervous reaction. Though a woman playing with her hair is a powerful gesture, it is important to take note of when she plays with her hair, to determine the reason behind it. This is sensation is one of the reasons women love when their boyfriend strokes their hair or pull it in the bedroom. A lot of women also like to play with their hair because they want to look great! There are a few different theories when it comes to answering the question why do woman play with their hair. If a woman tends to do this, she is going to do it right away. Taking a strand of hair and wrapping it around their fingers may often be the cause of stress. People are often puzzled by this action that so many women do and often wonder what does it mean when a woman plays with her hair.

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    However if she does it as she is walking into a crowded room, this is a release of energy.


    This could be from talking to anyone, not just people that are attractive to them. Once you understand the reasons, this will take you steps forwards to understanding the minds of women.


    Slight tugging of the hair stimulates the nerves ending around the hair follicles.


    Why do women play with their hair when talking to men? Flirting Women playing with their hair could be a sign that she is interested in you or what you are saying.