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KitchenAid - Whirlpool IceMaker not producing or dropping ice cubes -KUIC15NRXS0_DR

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Whirlpool ice maker cleaner 16 oz

Once tested, you can reinstall the grid into the machine. Poor performance can be due to a slow refrigerant leak resulting in a low refrigerant charge. Find the year of production in the second letter in the serial number: After inspecting 8 of these units, and repairing one, it is clear that this joint is made at the factory with ordinary low-temperature soft solder that is quite feasible to fully repair. Home Depot sells a ZEP store brand version by the gallon. This is an easy repair, assuming you ruled out the loose bracket first. Unspool a slightly longer piece of new wire I use 9 feet. This creates a solid thermal connection between the capillary tube and the bottom of the evaporator plate; inside the tube, a liquid expands and contracts with the sensed temperature. The evaporator plate in the top area of the ice machine circulates the hermetically sealed refrigerant Ra lately, or R in very old machines , which boils off to carry away heat from the waterfall passing over the plate, resulting in a layer of ice being progressively built up. On the more recent electronically controlled machines, the hot-gas harvest portion of the cycle lasts exactly two minutes during which the reversing valve is always energized, but the water valve is opened only for the first minute of the two minutes to rinse and refill the reservoir.

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    These valves are a common replacement item, and in fact easy to remove and replace if you just want to pony up for a new one.


    Suction-side pressure quickly rises from terminal 1 to 6 psig, up to 60 to psig, due to the reversal.


    This is a good time to clean the grid with acid cleaner if it has lime encrustation or other debris. Arriving a solid diagnosis can be expensive, and you wouldn't be willing to pay the fair price for it if it were available.


    The performance specifications on the "Service and Wiring Sheet" indicate that the machine should harvest a medium-thick about 0. When the water pump started recirculating for a fourth slab, the water ran over the third slab and into the bin, eventually depleting the reservoir to the point where the pump intake started taking in air and making the "chug chug" sound.