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Top 5 questions to ask before getting married

What to ask before you get married. 10 Questions to Ask Before Getting Married.

What to ask before you get married

It should not be necessary to call credit bureaus nor is it necessary to change your name when you marry, for that matter. Just a few weeks ago, a friend and I went to see a condo in Ekkamai, Bangkok. And I do know that God is a faithful God, well aware of your pain and heartache and deep need for reliance upon Him. AshleyD I have a mortgage i took out with my ex husband when we were married. Had two kids with a woman he was in a relationship with. Lorilu I think it is important to keep your inheritance money separate from your joint marital funds. Do it with firmness, but not harshness. Let's say it's fairly near a BTS station in Bangkok and I get 20k a month for it, and manage to rent it without it ever being empty. God tells husbands and wives: The condo we were viewing was only 6 or 7 minutes walk from the station.

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    Depression and a host of other mental health struggles are real.


    If you're a singleton, is it big enough to rent a spare room or have people over to stay while their on holiday?


    When you buy a property in the UK, even if the market crashes post buy, if you hold on for 10 years, you'll still end up getting more than you paid for it, and in most cases make a profit. Exploring physical reasons such as hormonal imbalances for diminished sex drive.


    What I do know is the above questions will help you dig deeper. I know this should go without saying, but if your spouse is permanently injured or suffering from chronic illness that makes sexual activity impossible or extremely limited, then I really don't think you can classify your marriage as "sexless" in the truest sense.


    Many marriages face disagreements about sexual frequency. I would want to purchase the house in my own name, or through an entity I set up for the purpose.