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Pity Meaning

What does it mean to pity someone. Translation.

What does it mean to pity someone

Those examples indicate the superiority feeling involved in pity. PITY An emotion awakened in a man's mind when he beholds the children of a woman who might have married him instead. Some people may even marry someone out of pity. Belief that a person is undeserving of substantial misfortune does not necessarily involve a moral positive evaluation of this person as a whole, or of his past activities. A crucial difference between them is that compassion involves far greater commitment for substantial help. Pity, which considers the other to be inferior, is related more to contempt rather than love ; compassion, in which caring is the basic attitude, is a crucial part of love. Accordingly, Aristotle suggested that pity is not felt by those who believe that evil is inherent in human beings; if you think everyone is basically evil, you are likely to consider that bad fortune as deserved. This is probably the reason why George, in the television show Seinfeld, proudly claims that "Nobody is sicker than me. Pity involves the belief that the object does not deserve such substantial misfortune; the stronger the belief, the more intense the emotion. Spinoza, for example, argues that "Pity, in a man who lives according to the guidance of reason, is evil of itself, and useless. In pity we overcome our natural tendency to look away from people who suffer.

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    The word "pity" comes from the Latin word "Pietas". We may pity a mass murderer and still believe this person should be executed.


    The word "pity" comes from the Latin word "Pietas". Some people act out of pity.


    Pity Pity means feeling for others, particularly feelings of sadness or sorrow, and is used in a comparable sense to the more modern words "sympathy" and "empathy". Aristotle argued that before a person can feel pity for another human, the person must first have experienced suffering of a similar type, and the person must also be somewhat distanced or removed from the sufferer.


    We may pity a mass murderer and still believe this person should be executed.


    What is wrong with pity and is pity still a virtue?