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The STD Test

What does a full std test include. Get Tested.

What does a full std test include

Procedures Testing for HIV, herpes and syphilis can be done through a blood test. It is possible to test too early after being exposed to the infection. There are also questions surrounding how often screenings should occur. If you are treated for gonorrhea, re-testing is recommended two weeks after completion to confirm that you are cured. What will the test results say? Sign up now STD testing: And how often should you be screened? Our laboratory technicians will draw a small sample during your visit to the test center. Though herpes 1 is not a life threatening disease, our physicians recommend regular testing to avoid blindness that could result when herpes 1 infection moves from the mouth to the eye. Having oral, vaginal or anal sex with someone infected with the herpes virus exposes you to the infection.

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    The answers depend on your age, your sexual behaviors and other risk factors.


    There is no swabbing or undressing necessary. Individuals who have been treated for chlamydia should test again 21 to 28 days after treatment to ensure that the bacterium has cleared.


    Even though the majority of sexually active people come into contact with HPV within their lifetimes, that does not mean they will develop symptoms.


    Our testing center just needs a small sample of blood for herpes 2 test. Our labs conduct chlamydia test using a urine sample.


    How do you test for hepatitis C?


    What will the gonorrhea test results say? The collected sample is sent to a laboratory and the results returned in a few days or weeks.


    Some blood tests can help differentiate between the two main types of the herpes virus. Two of the main reasons for this trend is that chlamydia comes with no symptoms and it spreads easily.


    With proper medical care, someone diagnosed with HIV can live a normal life. Hepatitis C is spread through contact with contaminated blood during intravenous drug use sharing of needles or in healthcare settings by health professionals.


    In fact, that's why many experts prefer the term sexually transmitted infections STIs , because you can have an infection without disease symptoms. Herpes and syphilis can also be tested using a swab from an open genital sore during a suspected active outbreak.