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Video about ways to improve your fantasy football league:

The People in Your Fantasy Football League

Ways to improve your fantasy football league. 10 ways to spice up your league's rules.

Write random numbers on the bottom of 12 red solo cups, fill them partially with beer, then have owners take turns shooting a ping-pong ball into them from across a table. After the window closes, if no other offers have been made, the trade goes through. If this is happening in your league, go the David Stern route and get yourself some ping-pong balls. Rule 2 -- The Neighbors: Each week one point could be awarded for the following occurrences: Maybe up that to four points. Proponents of double header scoring claim this format is the best at finding the best teams for the playoffs. Change Your Draft Lottery Every Season The Fantasy draft lottery is always a fun event, and commissioners should think about changing how the draft order is chosen every year. Let those players build up for a couple weeks and have a Week 3 Supplemental Draft! I wish it would also have records like average first-round draft position, best average finish, most Fantasy League MVPs on your team, most Busts, etc. Institute a rule stating that after a certain date in the season, trades may only be made among teams within three spots of each other in the overall standings. Split the difference between standard and PPR leagues to award one-half of a point per reception and add yardage bonuses.

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    Double Header Scheduling - Many leagues are looking for ways to overcome the frustration of having a great week but losing to the highest scoring team. Perhaps add a bonus of four fantasy points for rushing for 30 or more yards.


    Trust me, there's a lot more strategy to this than it may appear. Award for a player who becomes injured during the game.


    That would make it a race for owners to pay you!


    Some leagues will be populated by troublemakers and require a constitution with more restrictions to close unwanted loopholes. Try a few changes to see how much more intense fantasy football can become!


    Allow each owner to assign a team captain for the upcoming game.


    The NFL is smart like that!


    How about having four wide receivers and no flex, then you can add a third running back slot, too. Schedule Fantasy Double-Headers Twice Per Season Rather than make a huge change in the scheduling with some of the aforementioned new Fantasy Football league ideas, maybe tweak the schedule just a little by adding a couple double-headers.