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Video about updating large tables in oracle:

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Updating large tables in oracle. Partitioning an Oracle table Tips.

Updating large tables in oracle

Thus, we need an update statement that is efficient. The logging attribute of a partition defaults to the logging attribute of its table. In the Top Permanent Tablespaces by Size table, click on the row for the tablespace for which you want to view the compression summary. The following prerequisites must be met before you can use segment-level and row-level compression tiering: Ideally, you should try each of the scripts in this article under a DBA role. From this page, you can view the total tablespace size, the total size of compressed objects in the tablespace, the ratio of the total size of compressed objects to the total tablespace size, and the uncompressed objects size in a tablespace. Standard transactional publications support tables of up to columns. You must have Oracle Enterprise Edition installed. Finally, you can view the compression summary for each of the top segments that use the most tablespace storage. If you use stored procedures to propagate changes to Subscribers the default , be aware that the MCALL syntax is supported, but it has different behavior when the publication is from an Oracle Publisher.

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    For example, in a uniform locally managed tablespace with 5M extents, if you specify an INITIAL value of 1M, then the database must allocate one 5M extent, because that is the uniform size of extents for the tablespace.


    This weeding out process eliminates the partitions that do not contain the data needed by the query through a technique called partition pruning.


    From the Top Permanent Tablespaces by Size table, select a tablespace and click Show Compression Details to view the compression details for the selected tablespace.


    See "Consider Using Table Compression" for more information.


    You can view the storage size that is used by each compression type for four object types:


    Free space in the table is not reused, and referential integrity constraints are ignored.


    When a table reaches a "large" size.


    View compression advice from the Segment Advisor. Note that it is common for super-large tables to reside within their own tablespace for ease of management:


    But, with the example provided and a detailed explanation of the code one can easily learn how to use this powerful partitioning method.