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Video about ubuntu bind slave not updating:

Dns server setup on ubuntu vps (master+slave)

Ubuntu bind slave not updating. Background.

Ubuntu bind slave not updating

The default behaviour is to allow zone transfers to any host. All changes made to a zone using dynamic update are written to the zone's journal file. This statement defines the rules by which DDNS updates may be carried. If you make multiple changes before restarting BIND9, simply increment the serial once. All that is required is simply combining the different configuration examples. Also, name the zone file db. A Reverse zone allows DNS to convert from an address to a name. Here it changes to box I believe the author was simply trying to show that additional computers would be listed, but failed to use a different address for box. First, on the primary master server, the zone transfer needs to be allowed. Stealth servers are intentionally omitted.

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    The server will periodically flush the complete contents of the updated zone to its zone file this happens approximately every 15 minutes. Secondary Master Server configuration Once a Primary Master has been configured a Secondary Master is needed in order to maintain the availability of the domain should the Primary become unavailable.


    A Reverse zone allows DNS to convert from an address to a name. While on its face this may seem an excessively friendly default, DNS data is essentially public that's why its there and the bad guys can get all of it anyway.


    The journal file is in binary format and its name is formed by appending the extension.


    This address must appear in the remote end's allow-transfer statement for the zone being transferred. This record maps an IP Address to a hostname.


    Thus, if update-policy local; appears in the example. The also-notify in a zone is not cumulative with any global also-notify statements.