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Video about to dream of someone drowning:

What Your Dreams Mean - Drowning in water, Drowning in car.

To dream of someone drowning. Drowning Dream Interpretation.

To dream of someone drowning

At the very least, if you have been trying to suppress your insecurities, this dream will give you an opportunity to confront all of the problems that have been building up in your life. Pause for a while and make sure you have your ' feet firmly on solid ground' before you make any major decision. Dreamt about someone else: She does not realise that we are destined to be together". Perhaps the tide of events are going against you and you have limited ways of rescuing the job. You could be affected by a mistake that you might make while handling a very serious issue. It also deals with the feeling that she just has not realised this just yet. Dreaming about a drowning daughter is typically more nurturing and family oriented in nature, perhaps it could be about a dying or a relationship in trouble. I dived in from the cruise which was very high. You believe that you can handle your negative feelings, however staying on the sinking boat will lead to tragic results and end up eating you alive. Fortunately, if you survive the drowning event, it may indicate new beginnings, but you will have to overcome a difficult situation.

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6 thoughts on “To dream of someone drowning


    Sometimes it is simply anxiety we drown in, and much of anxiety is about situations we imagine.


    More Drowning because of a big person Archived Watching someone drown in the dream world often portends becoming sick in reality.


    Drowning is always a risk and possibility that can occur.


    Be more wary of the people he is with. This vision can also mean being there for someone else.


    In real life the dreamer had split with her and he felt that this was a pity.


    Take for instance the following dream - "I went to save my ex girlfriend from drowning.