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The nest bowling green ky. US Breeders Directory.

The nest bowling green ky

There is no bird that can compare to the beauty of a Bald Eagle. I was actually lucky enough to have my camera and snapped a picture. The bird is fuzzy in the photo at that distance, but it is pretty clearly a male bald eagle by the size and coloring. We did get some pictures and a video. In other words, do not include any information in your listing that you consider private and do not wish to be made available to the general public. One was slightly smaller than the other; as we watched slowing the car down to a crawl , they were joined by a third, even larger individual. We live on the river in Ghent,Ky. If you wish to include additional information with your listing, then please include the information in your email, and mention the state you live in. Then she looked to see what was casting the shadow and was amazed to see a majestic bald eagle soaring over her. This was on Pennsylvania Run Rd. It circled several times, though because I was afraid I would miss it's dive, I did not run for my camera.

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    This was the first sighting I have had in Gallatin County Jeff Marksberry I saw a large bird circling over the houses just north of me today. Bill Harmon, Danville, Ky.


    Yesterday it zipped by less than 20 feet outside my window.


    Just watched a bald eagle circling over the lake behind our house in Richmond, Kentucky. Sitting in the road on hwy in the Savoyard community Marty Pray wrote the following:


    This was the first sighting I have had in Gallatin County Jeff Marksberry I saw a large bird circling over the houses just north of me today.