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Video about tfs data warehouse not updating:

TFS 2013 Tutorial : 03-How to Install & Configure Reporting, Data Warehouse and Analysis Services

Tfs data warehouse not updating. Getting Started with the TFS Data Warehouse.

Tfs data warehouse not updating

Go fire up Excel and do it today! Make sure the Toolbox panel in Visual Studio is visible. This query language is named MDX, which stands for Multi-Dimensional eXpressions, and is designed specifically to work with cubes, using knowledge of dimensions and measures. In the Dataset combo box, click New Dataset. Click the FromDateDate parameter, and then select the Internal check box. Now that this is all working, you can hide the two auto-generated parameters and delete the two ugly MDX queries. You can delete the existing query if you want to do this, click the Delete Selected Dataset toolbar button [it's the button with the red X on it]. In Solution Explorer, right-click your report project, and then click Properties. Minimizing changes to the workflow for a WIT or the process configuration can help minimize the work you must do when you upgrade your TFS. The example in Figure 17 shows a date range for the month of January The example for this article uses the name dsTest.

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    To turn off Internet Explorer friendly error handling On the application tier, start Internet Explorer.


    The second Date indicates to use the date slicing instead of one of the other slice options available such as [Year Month Day].


    To add a report, do the following: This will display the three data drop zones.


    Select a project that you want to view, as shown in Figure TFS sees some huge improvements in the reporting areas, with very nice looking and easy to customize sample reports, but also more advanced examples of Excel report speadsheets.


    Switch to the Layout tab to generate the parameter and dataset. Keep this program open to see all DebugView messages.


    Drag the bottom right adorner corner on the graph to make it whatever size you want. To do this, do the following: