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Tag Heuer Formula 1 Chrono Quartz

Tag heuer special edition watches. History of the TAG Heuer Monaco.

Tag heuer special edition watches

The crown was at the 12 o'clock position, as these first wrist chronographs were adapted from pocket chronographs. This allowed a rally driver or navigator to determine whether the car was achieving the desired pace, over a measured mile. Early cases had a screw-back and later models from and after had snap-backs. A timing split function was added soon after, which allowed intervals between competitors to be recorded. It was presented in two variations: The beating frequency increased from 2. These clocks and timers included a variety of models, designed to address specific needs of racers and rallyists. The s Carreras were available with a variety of dials, including all-white, all-black, white registers on a black dial, and black registers on a black dial. The main, centrally-mounted hands of the instrument displayed the time, and an additional pair of smaller hands counted elapsed time. The Heuer Calibre 11 and, below, an exploded view showing the base movement with its microrotor and the Dubois Depraz chronograph module Heuer originally planned to use this movement - known as Chronomatic Calibre 11 - in a Carrera model.

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    The company also developed dive watches, with the Aquaracer, Professional and Aquagraph being prime examples.


    The "Auto-Graph" was produced in and , and featured a tachymeter scale on the dial and a hand that could be preset to a specific point on the scale. The "Seafarers" had special dials—with blue, green and yellow patterns—that showed the high and low tides.


    The Valjoux 72 movement utilized a "tri-compax" design, with three registers on the dial—one register for the chronograph hours at the bottom , one register for the chronograph minutes at the right , and a third register for a continuously running second hand at the left. The company also developed dive watches, with the Aquaracer, Professional and Aquagraph being prime examples.


    The very first dial used for the Monaco and, on the right, the version used on most reference B models with modified logos and texts positioning as well as different hours and minutes hands - The original dials used for this comparative picture are courtesy of www.