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Spy party games for adults. Party games Videos.

Spy party games for adults

The first card gives a location to look for the hidden items under a chair, on the bookcase, etc. Type the regular alphabet underneath your "coded" alphabet. If you have any questions about it let me know. You can do this simply by wrapping five paper towel rolls or paint rolls with red tissue paper construction paper works also. Pass the bags again and have your guests reach inside without looking and make another guess. Provide your guests with paper and a pencil or pen. Try out the words you choose before the party. You can print your hunt at home, or at your favorite local or online print shop. This treasure hunt is packed full of a variety of different clues and puzzles for the guests to solve. The second card has further instructions under the couch, or whatever you like. It also works well as an outdoor game.

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    Each team member picks up one item, places it on the tray, and runs back to the starting line.


    Retina Scan Get a small cardboard box.


    One player in the room must swipe the ring.


    This can be used on a number of clues provided, or you can choose to forgo it all together. Divide the kids into lines of two teams and give each kid a balloon.


    When the music stops, all players must freeze in a mermaid pose as if they are a statue.


    Then go in a circle and shuffle yourself. Hand each team the other teams set of fingerprint cards.


    Allow five minutes for them to complete their lists. I suggest using card stock over standard printing paper simply because he produces a sturdier product with a higher quality look and feel.