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Video about songs about someone who hurt you:

Hurt - Christina Aguilera + lyrics

Songs about someone who hurt you. Heartbroken songs that you'd play to someone that hurt you.

Songs about someone who hurt you

This non-vengeful song is a good example of how to get over being hurt. But damn, you just want to lay their body down, lay their body down, lay their body down. Talk my way out of control. The fact that she wants to change so no revenge enters her heart is a great way to get pass the hurtfulness of the past. Leann is trying to figure out how she can let go of the hurt feelings. September shows no signs of bitterness that she endured throughout her relationship. Will you look crazy? In this song she is expressing how she has no hurt feelings but just wants to accept what she cannot change. Your heart is on the loose. Forgiveness is a behavior that is rarely seen here is a diversified list of forgiving songs: Though this song does not sing about revenge, it shows that she is hurt.

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5 thoughts on “Songs about someone who hurt you


    Talk myself out of falling in love.


    Forgetting is how you let go of your anger and move on from the hurt feelings without a single thought of revenge.


    Ali Lerman Leave a Comment It happens to the best of us. Nick Cave sings "Love Letter" definitely shows both bitterness and sorrow.


    Falling in love with you.


    Nick is definitely hurting in this song and his hurt will make him become bitter if he does not learn to forgive and forget. This song has words of forgiveness with a hint of anger and all he wants to do is forgive.