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Shawn Mendes - Never Be Alone

Songs about a married man. Saved Items.

Songs about a married man

The thing about this song is I never know if I feel worse for the wife or the mistress. That's… kind of nice, right? But it swings like a beast that's veteran jazzbo George Barnes's stun-gun guitar solo , and many generations of pop ingenues like Lana Del Rey owe their smoky appeal to Francis. It's a last-ditch move, laced with wheedling praise. Prince, "Head" Prince has enough "woman done-me-wrong" songs that you'd think he'd be a little more sensitive to infidelity. T-Boz knows her man is cheating, but she can't bring herself to leave him, and she doesn't cheat out of revenge, but loneliness. The guy mentioned in the song let his girlfriend go and regrets doing so. In any affair, there are at least three people involved. Let's just say that John Lennon wrote a great tune, and that many people have performed it effectively. While we can't say we've ever had anyone refer to us as "baby" because they're afraid of confusing us with their lover, we can say that we've danced on a table to this song, which definitely merits its inclusion on this list.

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    It's a last-ditch move, laced with wheedling praise.


    It's a last-ditch move, laced with wheedling praise.


    Put aside the partisanship and call it a win for contrite cheaters everywhere.


    But then again, who among us could really resist The Purple One in his prime?


    Donny Hathaway, "Jealous Guy" Arguing about which version of this song is "best" is pointless. Obviously, we here at Nerve are pretty firmly on the "against" side of infidelity.


    Unapologetically sexy and viciously groovy, "If That's Your Boyfriend" isn't the nicest song on this list, but it's certainly one of the most honest.


    We just want to give space to a lesser-known, positively incredible reading of a beautiful song, and whether you prefer the original, or the Roxy Music version, you can't argue with the passion Hathaway puts into his rendition.


    It's ecstatic, unsure, and guilty, like the best affairs always are. Also, it has a saxophone break.