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You're not in love with me.

Short i like you poems. Short Poems.

Short i like you poems

My eyes talk to yours In a code that no one can tell I love you! He took that seriously, and now we are not even friends. He was like mmm thank you for that kiss I really needed that. Fresh like a daffodil, cool like a cucumber—what's not to like about you, girl? I Love You Carlos. We changed or lives, but it got us nowhere. Before I met him I cried myself to sleep every night. The emotional pain hurts more than the physical. I love thee freely, as men strive for right. Its fierce kiss will stay on your lips, possessive and faithful for as long as we are.

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    He hadn't been in trouble since , but they still sent him away, and this time he wasn't lying.


    I didn't believe I could fall in love before he came into my life!


    I hope your reply brings me joy and cheer.


    I'm tired of living this bluff— I want to end this friendship between us two And start something new: