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Pros and cons of bangs. To Bang Or Not To Bang?.

Pros and cons of bangs

Side Part— If your hair is always parted on the same side…get the side bang! Fringe Can Make You Look Younger Not only are bangs sexy, but they make women look younger by covering lines and softening the whole face. Your hair characteristics can tell you whether or not you should get bangs and what type of bang you should get. Before committing to bangs, it's best to acknowledge that the style requires lots of maintenance. A fringe is your friend. I was 17, just about to move to Brisbane to go to uni, and was visiting my grandparents on the south coast of New South Wales, along with my mum. They get in your eyes — You never realize how fast hair grows until you get bangs. Hair is not always as simple as you may think. In order to keep the best-looking bangs possible, you must be ready to visit your stylist more often, opting for regular trims. Now the hippest women in Hollywood are sporting the fringe. I consider bangs to be one of the most highly fretted choices that woman face in the salon. If you're wondering why you might want to consider bangs, just think of the flirty fringe.

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    Are you considering a fringe? Ask if your stylist offers free or inexpensive bang trims to keep your look fresh between styles.


    The biggest mistake is to take a round brush and overextend your bangs, creating more of an awning than a bang.


    A few weeks too many in between eyebrow shapes?


    Hair is not always as simple as you may think. A few weeks too many in between eyebrow shapes?


    Aim for cheekbone level. Should I get bangs?