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Video about pressure points in your feet:

Massage Therapy Tips : Pressure Points for a Foot Massage

Pressure points in your feet. Here's What Happens When You Touch These Pressure Points On Your Feet.

Pressure points in your feet

This is done by utilizing techniques like stroking, tapping, kneading and friction. From this wealth of information, we can form the following nine lessons. So by knowing the Foot Reflexology Inside Chart, you can do self treatment of a disease. Mercola of the Mercola Video Library interviewed three centurions for this very information, and many other people have as well. That means when you massage your Toes using Reflexology Therapy, you are working on your Head and Neck. Located about an inch below the lateral malleolus, it is below the bony bump on the outside of your ankle. And older people will tell you over and over: This pressure point in found about an inch below the adjoining web of the big and 2nd toe on the upper side of the foot. Happiness comes from living in the NOW. They believe that specific points affect different parts and functions of the body, as well as several different ailments. Takeaway It began with Chinese medicine Few things feel better than a massage, and few forms of massage feel as good as a foot massage! By learning the Meridian Points situated on Toes, you will be able to relieve yourself through stimulating the Meridian Points.

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    The Meridian Points are situated on Toes of your Foot.


    Learn to adapt for a better and longer life.


    Other basic techniques include gripping the pressure point with the flat of your thumb and finger to put pressure on it and walking your fingers across a specific area, such as the inner or outer foot, while steadily applying pressure. But acupressure is not a New Age contrivance.


    With help of Reflexology Foot Chart, you can heal yourself with some easy steps to massage and stimulate of Reflexology Points. The right foot is connected to the body parts on that side of the body and the left with the left side of the body.


    After knowing Basic Reflexology Area on Foot, you will be able to know on which organ you are focusing while massaging your foot. Many lie at the crossroads of more than one meridian and, therefore, are believed to have widespread benefits across multiple organ systems.