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Family Game Night "Minute To Win It"

Olympic themed party games for adults. Couples Olympics Theme Party for Adults.

Olympic themed party games for adults

Buy ice cream cone, fill with cheesy puffs, hand to friends, listen to the crowd go wild. Place a bucket , trash can, or other container of some sort at the opposite end of the room. And yes, that is a Fruit By The Foot ribbon thank you very much. Attach the long bits of string to each donut. Donuts being one of those many, many, many reasons. Everyone else must work out what it is. This is the easiest, awesomest way to make an Olympic Ring art installation in your house. They then have to blow the marshmallow all the way across the taped line on the other side of the table and get it to land between the tape and the end of the table. Then they perform it in front of the group. Let us know in the comments below! To play, players must sit on one side of the room and slide the bracelets to the other side of the room, trying to get them to land on the edges of the box. Players who finish will need to run back to the start to hand the potato to the next teammate.

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    First player to score a goal with their ice cube wins. Speed Skating Place plastic traffic cones in a circle around a room and give each player two kitchen towels.


    Skeleton Cut up a paper skeleton and spread it out on the ground around a large room. Check your playing space is safe.


    Other parts of the body hands, feet are not allowed The couple who pops the most balloons wins. Well, get ready for a whole new round of inspiration of the snowier and colder variety.


    Show your pride, but please:


    Mini Biathlon Just like the Biathlon event, this is a two part game that players have to finish both parts to win.