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Video about narcissistic men and their mothers:

7 Signs A Woman Is A TOTAL Narcissist

Narcissistic men and their mothers. Narcissistic parent.

Narcissistic men and their mothers

This is termed gaslighting. If she's recently done something particularly egregious she may engage in preventative lying: The narcissist, the spider in the middle of the family web, sensitively monitors all the children for information she can use to retain her unchallenged control over the family. I observed the behaviour you describe in my mother in law for years. As a last resort she goes pathetic. She may look to fill it in other relationships, but often the pattern of emotional unavailability is repeated. Young children of a parent who has Narcissistic Personality Disorder are genuine victims of their parent and the disorder—as much as any child who lives through life with an addicted parent, or a parent guilty of physical or sexual abuse. Your mother sounds like mine- always ruining everything I have. And then she retaliates with verbal abuse. They often act seductively with men and may have had multiple marriages. I have decided she is non violent sadist as well.

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7 thoughts on “Narcissistic men and their mothers


    I have only recently realised that there is a name for her behaviour and dominance and cruelty to me. I hope to learn much from this site.


    I moved abroad and told ppl my mother died. A child naturally loves and wants to please their parent; NPD parents can never be pleased and the child is never good enough.


    This may work with your father and with others too.


    I know if I have said that to her she would have had a fit.


    Never let a narcissist determine your self-worth. She was so vicious and yet she viewed herself as the victim.


    As a last resort she goes pathetic.


    Thankfully I had great grandparents who adored me, they were also Narcissitic parents.