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Gordon Faces Off Against His Own Mother In A Cook Off!

My mother is a good cook. Top 10 Signs of a Bad Cook.

My mother is a good cook

Then cooking was over until the next morning. Then she flipped the seersucker tablecloth washed to faded rusts and greens on the breakfast room table, placed the pot of tea under its green tea cosy, and added the hot water jug and milk jug on the tray by her place at the head of the table. Just having food on the table on time? It was that without that, the finest meal in the world was worthless to the people it was her job to feed. When she was in her 90's I finally asked her why she kept saying that. How could she be? So was my mother a good cook? She did not read cookbooks. I still have both, pristine except for these two pages. And when I do, I often find myself picking up a certain subliminal level of anxiety that I think somehow must have been transferred into that recipe's DNA.

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    The question comes from a different world from that of my mother and generations of other rural cooks.


    My father came in famished and with just an hour before he had to be outside again.


    My mother took great pride in her cooking skills.


    The good cook, she said, is the cook who has a hot meal on the table at the appointed time.


    Rationing did not end until I was eight.