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Video about my abusive ex keeps contacting me:

What If an Ex Contacts You Out of the Blue

My abusive ex keeps contacting me. When an Ex Won’t Leave You Alone.

My abusive ex keeps contacting me

Who, what, when, where, and why — these are basic details any authority figure will ask about up front. They will appreciate you keeping them out of the dispute as well. He calls whenever convenient for him and wants to be "friends". I have lived a life of "walking on eggshells". We were friends since we were 15 and dated for 2 yrs and I am 22, and he doesn't understand that we are nothing now because he holds on to the fact that we were best friends before. I guess part of me wants to vent, and part of me is desperately looking for people who have been in similar situations and who have some experience with dealing with abusive people from their pasts. October 17, at 1: My girlfriend says I need to report him but I think he is going to stop and come to his senses, but I am not sure and I am a little scared. We moved in together about 7 months ago after a 3-year relationship and she just can't accept the fact that he could actually love someone else. The additional phone cost extra money, of course, but for this woman it was money well spent to not have her work place contaminated by her ex. The only reason an abusive Ex should have an open line of communication is in the case of shared custody, and even then, there should only be one. Because they can — when you repeatedly let the psychopath back into your life after obvious abuse and mistreatment, they will not only continue to abuse you, they will take it as a sign that you are willing to accept such abuse.

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    Contacting ex-partner's friends and family, friends of friends looking for information, photographs etc. Sometimes you cannot avoid direct contact with an ex.


    If they won't stop texting you, try a quick message like, "I still respect you, but I don't want to date you. To find out more, click the image below:


    I've isolated myself so much, so that he wouldn't find me, but now I'm starting to lose myself in the process. It has been two years since our break-up; the harassment still continues.


    After a while I started gaining some of my power back and slowly tried moving on with my life. Since you dared to establish a boundary, they want to prove that not only can they violate it; they will destroy what self-esteem you might have left in the process.