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List of 2015 ya books. 16 Of The Best YA Books Of 2015.

List of 2015 ya books

When Mikey feels ready to face the world outside, something goes horribly wrong and he witnesses a savage crime. We see it through the eyes of Derrick, whose sister is struggling with mental health issues. But, despite this, the story manages to be a strangely hopeful one. Panther is a powerful and unsentimental look at depression for youngsters. Someone overweight is called a "fat salad-hater". They even bond over a shared love of synthetic fabrics and fashion. The intrigue builds well and there are also flashes of wit. In this funny and moving tale, Whitbread-winning author Andrew Norriss deals with some tricky subjects, including mental health and suicide. You're born terrified, you live terrified, you probably die terrified. Incredibly raw and hilarious, this book is full of complicated characters who have even more complicated, toxic friendships. Theo was more of a Labrador. The novel could be totally bleak - "No root cause, no trigger.

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    Will her "vibe" find its way to their new home, he wonders in a very touching paragraph. You know, the clique of high school queens that everyone knows and everyone wants to party with.


    A really fine YA novel.


    William Hussey's supernatural YA horror story Jekyll's Mirror takes Robert Louis Stevenson's novel Jekyll and Hyde as its theme and brings personality distortion into a 21st-century setting - by way of modern social media. That it's not is down to the wonderful way that sister and brother do what they should do:


    Will her "vibe" find its way to their new home, he wonders in a very touching paragraph.