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Drake and Josh Funny Moments (All Seasons)

Josh off of drake and josh. Drake & Josh.

Josh off of drake and josh

Especially pivotal in the second season, Josh also has a dark side. However, he later overcomes this fear when he went out with Mindy, even if he is still unable to fluently talk to girls. After stunning Megan's hamster, Josh fears the snap might have killed the hamster, rather than merely stun it. Trevor gets a brain scan every month, due to his unintelligence as found out in "Dune Buggy". Drake often mistakes Eric for Craig. He becomes more mature as the series progresses. He has also lent his voice to Monsters University and Despicable Me 2. During the middle of season 2, Josh finds a job working at The Premiere , making a reasonable amount of money, while Drake temporarily worked there. She upsets her husband Walter because of her preference to Bruce Winchill, his rival weatherman. He is always called on whenever a serious emergency happens at their house.

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    The actress took some time off in to attend the University of Southern California, majoring in film.


    Although he is often known as the 'responsible' part of the relationship, Drake unintentionally pulls Josh into trouble, which Josh does not like.


    Josh began hanging out with Drew, making Drake jealous, which led to the friendship between him and Jerry.


    Since then he has become the owner of a coffee shop where he held auditions for a band.


    With Hale's charm, the series is sure to be a hit. As a result of this, Josh fears that she might seek revenge as she "has a reason" to, and as a result of this fear, is on constant unrest and alert.


    Hudgens' squeaky-clean image was tainted in when nude photos of her surfaced online.


    Josh is in constant war with Megan , often being the victim of her childish pranks. Vince[ edit ] Vince D.


    As a result of this, Josh fears that she might seek revenge as she "has a reason" to, and as a result of this fear, is on constant unrest and alert.


    She also owns a beach-house, which the family wants to receive. Drake is so unkind to them that anytime they try to talk with them he rudely shuts the door in their face and tells them that there are lots of reasons why they do not have girlfriends.


    An example of this is Drake's reluctance to Josh hugging him during Pilot. Her first name is never mentioned in the series, but is revealed in most scripts as "Audrey".