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Video about jimmy fallon and justin timberlake dance video:

Evolution of End Zone Dancing (w/ Jimmy Fallon & Justin Timberlake) (Late Night with Jimmy Fallon)

Jimmy fallon and justin timberlake dance video. 11 Justin Timberlake & Jimmy Fallon Skits That Will Make You Pee Your Pants.

Jimmy fallon and justin timberlake dance video

While Jimmy might be forgiven for mixing up some of his Single Ladies moves, Justin has performed the dance before - with Beyonce herself. It was not just any dance - their moves carefully mimicked those performed in Beyonce's famous Single Ladies video. Open tournament, Justin Timberlake and Jimmy Fallon were happy to add some more. Beyonce, 34, and her dancers famously wore black leotards and high heels for the black-and-white video. There were plenty of differences, of course, between the men's moves and those performed in the famous video. Lumberpond really gets all up in the customer's inseam. The Single Ladies setup was reproduced in them - black-and-white footage, leotards, and heels - but Beyonce was backed up by three men. The falsetto speaking voice. The dancing antics came during a Men's Quarterfinals match between Richard Gasquet and Roger Federer As Beyonce exhorted men to 'put a ring on it' in the song, she and her dancers brandished their left hands, the appropriate location for an engagement or wedding ring. Just Jimmy and Justin In this adorable segment, it's obvious that Fallon and Timberlake's chemistry is so strong that an actual skit isn't even needed.

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    A small but notable difference was in orientation - the men performed many moves in the opposite direction from Beyonce's original Different costumes: It's all just too uncanny.


    Lumberpond really gets all up in the customer's inseam.


    It's all just too uncanny. Interestingly, another difference was in the orientation of the dancers, since Justin and Jimmy held up their right hands while dancing.


    The two men clearly knew what they were doing, imitating several iconic moves from the video Backwards: Back at Winnipesaukee We were wrong when we thought Timberlake and Fallon singing "Jumper" was the most epic summer at Camp Winnipesaukee because their sweet, sweet harmonies to "Africa" and the trembling vibrato of "I Only Want to Be With You" are so much more satisfying.


    Instead of her professional women, Beyonce had three silly men as backup dancers On the November 15, episode of Saturday Night Live, Justin and Beyonce were the host and musical guest, respectively, and got together for a series of short skits.


    It was also the music video at the centre of Kanye West's infamous 'I'mma let you finish' moment, when he took away the microphone from Taylor Swift after she won Best Female Video instead of Beyonce.


    As they were at a tennis match, Justin and Jimmy wore button-down shirts with jackets and trousers Iconic:


    It's obvious that the creative powerhouses love to work together, so why hasn't Fallon gotten down on one knee and made an honest man out of Timberlake by asking him to be his permanent co-host? The result could be nothing less than magical, just look at all the evidence.