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10 Modern Manner Mistakes

Importance of etiquette and manners. The Importance of Business Etiquette.

Importance of etiquette and manners

The cultivation of manner is highly necessary in a person who is ready and willing to negotiate with others in matters of business, education and on personal grounds also. There are also rules of etiquette when it comes to issues such as plagiarism, copyright infringement, online auctions, graffiti and hacking. To practice good office etiquette, a person needs to get to the workplace and all of their scheduled meetings on time. Good manners do not come naturally to us, they have to be learnt and practice more day by day in our life. Good manners set a standard of behavior against which other behavior can be measured, which helps keep order and civility in society. A mannerful person should behave gentlemanly, kind, obliging and in an intelligent way always. As we have a hard time remembering rules, rules at home, rules at school and rules when going out etc. Good office etiquette behavior can help a person find success in their field. Manners matter is evinced by the fact that large books and compositions have been written on this subject and that schools have existed for the sole purpose of teaching manners and etiquettes from a very long time. For a man may have enough money to buy all things than he wants, but if his manners are bad he will have no friends, and no one can live happily without friends. No, doubt that there are few strong tolerant minds which can bear with defects and invalid forms of manner, and therefore look only at the side of more genuine qualities.

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    In addition to these basic standards of dress etiquette, volunteers should research appropriate dress codes that pertain to their particular host country.


    Even something as seemingly harmless as taking a photograph should be approached with caution in some cultures: What is so important about teaching manners, anyway?


    Manners, etiquettes, wisdom, virtue, intelligence and worth, are universally respected and appreciated. In this way he helps to keep peace in society.


    Beauty is the gift of nature, but manners are acquired by cultivation, surroundings, practice and adapting.


    Even when he is provoked, he tries his best to use words in a way which will not offend others. Only such a person can live well in society.