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I just found out I'm a rebound, what should I do (Monday Mail)

I need a rebound guy. The 5 Top Giveaway Signs Your Ex Is In A Rebound Relationship.

I need a rebound guy

This allows you to get in touch with who you really are and keep growing as a person. Him moving on has absolutely nothing to do with you. So your ex is gone — and he left you with a broken heart. Could she be lying? We are going to get married in the game we play this weekend. I was in a relationship since I was 15 now The faster he moves on after the breakup, the more affected by the relationship and hurt he was and is. But he is also still taking her out on dates and talking to her. I took a chance and its worked out beautifully. All this only to discover what a scumbag he still was.. Do I smack myself, apologize to the new guy and call this off?

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4 thoughts on “I need a rebound guy


    Our relationship moved rather fast- we hooked up the night we met, and he just never left my apartment. Since then I have met a guy who has become a good friend without benefits.


    The relationship was over months before this so I had no negative feelings about it, in fact was quite happy I got a get out of jail free card. No healing, no dealing.


    Rebound relationships are not a way to get over an ex at all!


    I was over it…about a week after the breakup I ran into an old family friend and we had drinks and both he and I had such amazing chemistry and clicked immediately and I cudnt feel happier alive and more inlove than ever. And good luck to you!