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Video about how to use a shaving blade:

How To Properly Shave Face And Prevent Razor Bumps

How to use a shaving blade. How long does a razor really last? Gillette comes clean.

How to use a shaving blade

If the cartridge is assisted by a spring to hold flat against skin curves, start shaving with the handle raised enough to compress this spring just a little into its range. After gallivanting through what looks like the African Savanna, Paris, and some Asian rainforests, he tells viewers what Gillette never had: You can purchase blades with varying degrees of hollowing. Right beneath the jawline is a problem-area for many men because it is contoured. While traditionalists prefer to use safety razors, cartridge-based razors have gained popularity thanks to their efficiency and convenience. Cartridge razors can be compared based on type of bad, flexibility of the razor head, maintenance and replacement of the cartridges, the balance and weight of the razor, and any special features. Drag the razor handle-first across the skin to shave. Most electric shavers are designed to be used on dry skin. You can purchase straight razors either new or used. The smooth shaving experience results in less nicks, cuts, or razor burns.

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    It's okay to make several passes at your beard.


    If you're using a multi-blade razor, which seems to be the most popular kind, hold the razor with your index finger extended near the top of the shaft, resting the head flat of the razor against the skin. Remove any hair or buildup that's accumulated while shaving.


    Shaving with straight razors will probably leave you with more cuts than your average shave with a safety razor, if you're inexperienced.


    Facial scrubs that contain tea tree oil and witch hazel are especially good, as they protect against pimples and soothe irritated skin, respectively.


    You want your blades as clean and uncluttered as possible.


    Which was fine when the economy was humming.


    When shopping for razors, consider the following factors:


    Gillette contends its pricing is competitive with rivals like Schick.