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Tony Robbins - How to Rebuild a Broken Relationship - Tony Robbins Relationships

How to sort out a relationship. Relationship common problems.

How to sort out a relationship

Allow your partner to share his or her feelings with you. But our own happiness is extremely dependent on the way others perceive us. Too much of a good thing can turn out to be bad too. If you're prone to mixed feelings and uncertainty, there may be reasons for this. To save it, you're going to need to work together to figure out the problem or problems you're having, as well as a solution to those problems. Keep up with your own interests. Your partner may feel the same way, in which case the two of you will have to assess the relationship's future. Do you look forward to dates and get togethers? After awhile, you'll have to make a decision about where you stand. You want to make sure you can still be yourself with this person. The right way to give space in a relationship ] 10 Are you still in love?

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    You need to realize that the other person makes mistakes, and both of you learned from that mistake. Being honest is a kind of vulnerability, and by being honest with your partner, you show that you trust him or her.


    And soon enough, both of you may have nothing in common. However, it's important to continue using "I" statements to tell how you feel instead of blaming the other person.


    It needs compatibility and understanding, and it definitely needs dependability.


    Be honest with yourself about how you feel. It's best to do so when you are calm and level-headed, so that you can actually discuss rather than shout at each other.