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How Recruiters Read Your Resume ... in 7 Seconds!

How to make your resume look better. 45 Quick Changes That Help Your Resume Get Noticed.

How to make your resume look better

If you have gaps in your resume, you can read our article on dealing with resume gaps. Take this feedback and think about how you can adjust your resume to get it closer to where you want. Here's an example of a nicely formatted resume. Your bullets should focus on your accomplishments - that is, the impact you had - rather than your responsibilities. Think of your resume as your 60 second audition in front of a judge on one of those reality TV talent shows. By what percentage did you exceed your goals? If the job description focuses on both experience and practical skills, use a combination resume to demonstrate that you have both. Work Around Your Gaps If you have gaps of a few months in your work history, swap out the usual start and end dates for each position with years only e. Action verbs imply that you took initiative and accomplished something, which will look good to recruiters. Do a Verb Swap Swap out a couple of your boring verbs for some more powerful and interesting ones.

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    Because after we have worked with a document several hours, we simply no longer see our mistakes. To find out which keywords to use, search online for a list of keywords commonly used in the industry you're applying to.


    The resume is the primary marketing document that sells the product, the skills and experience of the job seeker.


    You might be able to get some inspiration for your own or even help them out.


    Use what you need to, but do not make it unnecessarily long.


    In Word, select the section heading and go to Format in the menubar.


    If any of your job descriptions are written in paragraph form, break them up into several bullet points. Check out section three of this great guide for instructions.