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Video about how do you clear cookies on a computer:

Internet Explorer 10 clear cookies Windows 8

How do you clear cookies on a computer. How to Delete Cookies and Clean Your Computer.

How do you clear cookies on a computer

These third party sites set cookies to track your movements across sites to enhance their ad targeting capabilities. Look at the top end of your Firefox window and you will see a 'Firefox' button. There are two kinds of cookies-regular text browser cookies and flash cookies. Often times, you can improve IE performance by deleting cookies and other information IE saves. Click 'Cookies' and make sure all the other items are unselected. How to delete cookies in Chrome Step 1: Choose the hard drive you want to clean and click "OK. Under the General Tab, you will see 'Delete temporary files, history, cookies, saved passwords You have to know how to delete flash cookies, too. You are sure you don't have a virus, and yet your computer is suddenly running more slowly than you remembered.

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    At this point, you can select one of three options:


    In the 'Advanced' screen, select 'Cookies' Step 4:


    You will see a full listing of all your cookies. Check the status of all the applications and disable those that are from a third party.


    Click Control Panel Step 3:


    Choose the hard drive you want to clean and click "OK. Video of the Day If you have time to take a nap while your computer loads, it's time to clean it.