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Beauty and the Beast (1991) - "Gaston" [HD]

Gaston in beauty and the beast. Gaston (song).

Gaston in beauty and the beast

During the beginning of the movie, he is working on a machine that automatically chops up firewood. However, he is unable to make it to the fair due to getting lost in the woods. He also was intended to directly go over to Monsieur D'Arque 's asylum to recruit him, instead of having him arrive at the Tavern illicitly. In the novel, Gaston and the Beast are portrayed as childhood friends, with the curse erasing Gaston's memory of the prince. After Maurice and Belle make amends regarding Belle now understanding why Maurice was so overly protective of her, thanks to the Beast, Maurice uses his inventor skills to pick the lock on the wagon, allowing Belle to take Phillipe back to the Beast's castle while Maurice remains behind with the dumbfounded Monsieur D'Arque. This was presumably dropped by the first draft of Linda Woolverton's treatment of the story, as in both "Belle" and its reprise, the Bimbettes and Belle referred to him and herself as "Monsieur Gaston" and albeit sarcastically "Madame Gaston" respectively, implying that "Gaston" was his surname. And finally using LeFou as a human shield in the climax and leaving him to die once he served his purpose. Despite Belle calling him "brainless", he is not stupid, as he can come up with clever plans to get what he wants. Also he sees people as nothing more than tools in his plans and discards them when they have run out of use. Ten points for Gaston! Youth and the Quest for a Passionate Church author Kenda Creasy Dean, the character "only understands love as self-fulfillment, which allows him to perpetrate domination, viciousness and violence" in pursuit of it. In response to the Beast's life fading, the castle begins to crumble and the bridge where Gaston is standing breaks into pieces, sending Gaston falling to his death.

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    Upon his return, Maurice attempts to have Gaston arrested for attempted murder, but Gaston in turn declares him insane and has him committed to an insane asylum.


    Maurice returns to Villeneuve to find help, but only Gaston and LeFou are willing to do so.


    Broadway musical[ edit ] Gaston appears in Broadway musical adaptation of Beauty and the Beast, which premiered at the Lunt-Fontanne Theatre on April 18,


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    The Beast has no heart to fight until he sees that Belle came back for him, at which point he easily overpowers Gaston and intends to kill him.


    Intrigued, Gaston offers to help Maurice free her as means of gaining both Maurice and Belle's favor. He's in love with the face in the mirror, and the pathology of male vanity is a very '90s idea.


    Gaston is the main antagonist in Disney's Beauty and the Beast.