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25 Movies you need to watch before you Die

Films you have to watch before you die. 50 Things You Should Do Before You Die.

Films you have to watch before you die

But even when its shocking twist is more like a foregone conclusion, this masterful thriller is still a standout that can't be improved upon… which is probably why the so-called mids "remake" was a literal shot-for-shot recreation of the original. By the time it takes an us-vs. You're Next The home invasion thriller is a staple subgenre within the horror-film family, and You're Next is a perfect specimen of this oft-mishandled storyline. However, theatrical box office earnings are the primary metric for trade publications in assessing the success of a film, mostly due to the availability of the data compared to sales figures for home video and broadcast rights, and also due to historical practice. Though it's an important film that still resonates and has been preserved in the Criterion Collection , it's also gross, it's horrid, and it will stick with you forever. These are scary concepts in real life, and they're put to brilliant use in the late '70s version of the story, which remains the best. Live in a different country Traveling is one thing, but actually moving to a different country is a whole other thing. It was banned in several countries for decades. Wes Craven, who was already horror royalty thanks to The Hills Have Eyes, The People Under the Stairs, and the Nightmare on Elm Street franchise, straight up outdid himself with this funny, freaky slasher flick from , which subverted every trope in the book and roundly mocked the horror genre at large, while still scaring the hell out of its audience. An offshoot of the George Romero Living Dead films, this spiritual cousin is easily one of the most goofily enjoyable zombie movies ever, though it never goes so far into camp territory that you can't take it seriously. The Sustainability Secret Cowspiracy is a crowdfunded documentary film co-produced and co-directed by Kip Andersen and Keegan Kuhn. Especially when you find out that he spent time in a mental institution.

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    Watch all those damn movies everyone keeps talking about You know the ones I mean. You know original retro scream queen Jamie Lee Curtis?


    Pilot an aircraft Take control of the skies! Martyrs Profoundly disturbing to the point of being unwatchable, this French film was one of the progenitors of the French "extreme horror" movement, and earned that distinction in every single way.


    It is slated for release on 12th August, Spend the entire time camping or hiking.


    Be sure to catch the version with the original ending , which was deemed too dark for U.


    It tries to analyze the policies of various environmental organizations like Greenpeace and Rainforest Action Network in the light of environmental impact of animal agriculture. The film also had a sequel in under the title:


    She hosts the podcast Sass Effect, for which she was recently named one of the most influential women in games in Australia and New Zealand, and was nominated in the 14th Annual IT Journalism Awards.


    Bad historical jokes aside, camping by the sea is a liberating feeling, as is watching the sun rise over it as you have breakfast. In addition to boasting stellar performances and a creative, scary script, Audition has the added benefit of making your worst Tinder date look like a great time by comparison.


    It's a rich premise that combines subtle, character-based interplay with full-blown body horror, like a human head scuttling around with spider legs.


    Shot on a miniscule budget and without the benefit of digital effects or Greg Nicotero's makeup skills, for that matters , Night of the Living Dead doesn't look or feel like a zombie horror flick as they exist today, but still manages to be genuinely frightening—and relevant—nearly 50 years after its release.