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Video about eyeshadow palette for asian skin:

Warm Brown Tone Make Up Tutorial

Eyeshadow palette for asian skin. Urban Decay Naked 3 Palette Comparisons (Naked, Naked 2, Naked 3).

Eyeshadow palette for asian skin

It just comes down to what shades you prefer on yourself. Naked original except replacing Sidecar metallic taupe with glitter with Chopper rose gold Toasted and Hustle purples with Verve and Pistol greys and Creep almost black with glitters for Blackout matte black In other words, you can't make me decide! Let's take a look. The synthetic brush is dual-ended with a rounded blending brush end and a flat brush end. Here's a dupes list: But all the others were soft, silky, and easy to apply. I know I did. I also show in the video that the angled squeeze applicator is a bit rubbery to give more "drag" in application. Tarte Tartelette Toasted Eyeshadow Palette is well worth a pick up if you love these types of shades! I'm happy they included 2 of those shades in here as well.

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7 thoughts on “Eyeshadow palette for asian skin


    All the shades are smooth, silky, and some even velvety and creamy feeling.


    Many of the shadows stay in the medium range which is a little disappointing for someone with a medium skintone where they blend in too much. Similar to Sidecar Naked 1 but a touch warmer and without glitter.


    Here's a close-up of each section:


    Pigmentation was hit or miss here with some colors having decent buildable pay off and others being quite sheer.


    Generally speaking, Naked has mostly warm neutrals, Naked 2 is in the neutral-to-taupe range with more drastic light and dark shadows, and Naked 3 is distinctly more pink with a lot of mid-to-light shades.


    The second thing I disliked about the palette was the shade assortment but first a word on the finishes in here! I personally feel that Naked 3 is the most different from the previous Nakeds and neither of the other palettes have significantly overlapping shades with this one.


    Slightly darker version of Smog Naked 1. It's much rosier and more glittery than Sidecar Naked 1.