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Video about dating a guy who drinks and smokes:

Giving My Girlfriend $10,000 To Quit Smoking

Dating a guy who drinks and smokes. Dating someone who smokes weed?.

Dating a guy who drinks and smokes

It's why I said to know yourself. I forget what kind of pot that was they were smoking back then, but obviously, it was spiked. If he is perfect then what work are you going to do in his life? So, my question is: I am now married to a wonderful person, who is truly compatable in lifestyle, etc. As a matter of fact,its not a good idea and people shouldn't get in these habits at first because its unhealthy and i believe we all know its not the best,but i think its just one of those issues you have to help your man get through if necessary. Worse, I was now dragged into a lifestyle I did not want to be in, drinking more regularly, etc. Page 1 of 7. I really don't like people who drink, smoke, or do drugs and I would rather date someone clean or straight edge like myself but those are hard to come by. OP - you don't approve so the right thing to do is move along.

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6 thoughts on “Dating a guy who drinks and smokes


    It took many years, and some big decisions to get control of my life back for me to see all this. She was a definate party girl.


    I do not think she did drugs with any regularity never saw it when we hung out anyway.


    You sound like you do all this stuffs.


    Same goes for cigarettes.


    And I know not every person that smokes and drinks is going to go crazy on you, but for me, not worth the risk. The only difference is that it's approved by the government.


    It's why I said to know yourself. When I was in college, I felt I had found my soul mate.