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Video about dare or truth questions for adults:

20 Good Truth or Dare Questions for Adults

Dare or truth questions for adults. Funny and Interesting Truth or Dare Questions for Kids.

Dare or truth questions for adults

If you could get rid of one household chore, what would it be? Have you ever cheated on any test? Go outside and pour a cup of ice cold water over your head. But then again, to make it interesting and fun, one must have funny questions or funny dares prepared. Jack asks Jill to choose either truth or dare. It combines the thrill of T and D with the adventure of a scavenger hunt. Give a lap dance to a person sitting by your side. An impromptu truth or dare game can be fun but it certainly helps if you are prepared and have an idea about some naughty, fun and exhilarating questions at hand. Pick the person in the group who you think is dressed the best right now. What is your favourite kind of clothing?

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    What is your favorite outdoor pastime? What is your favorite thing about family gatherings?


    Keep it there at least an hour.


    Write a short summary of what you find and read it to the group.


    Do your best impersonation of someone else in the room and keep going until someone else guesses who you are. Have you ever been a stripper?