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Foreigners can buy Property in Cuba

Cuba real estate for sale to foreign. Don’t Buy Property In Cuba Until You’ve Read This.

Cuba real estate for sale to foreign

For example, permanent resident Cubans can own only two homes, a primary residence and a vacation site. Read on to find out more about the property market on this island before making any kind of investment. Although the current real estate rush in Cuba sounds exciting to Cuban residents at least, there still remain several roadblocks, even for them. The answer is yes, with qualifications. Although limitations in size and growth are in place, some of these private enterprises have really succeeded and become profitable business. The ban on cell phone use was only lifted in Most of the crumbling buildings were built before the revolution and need serious repairs, and homeowners on government salaries often need to save for years to buy new tiles, bricks and plaster. While the locals are now allowed to own, buy and sell property, the government is still maintaining very tight control over the entire market. But while bonafide Cuban residents may be enjoying what they perceive as a real estate revolution, foreigners, meanwhile, are blocked out of this new market. Foreign investors, you have now the possibility of buying an apartment or a condo in Havana, you could even buy a house, a beach front property or a parcel of land from Cuban owners if you become a resident.

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    If you are Cuban citizen, the process of buying a home is really simple.


    Contact our specialists and ask for reliable information on Cuban Real Estate. And we all know the importance of being the first in a new market


    This is the moment, this is the time to get ready and inform yourself on how to buy a home in Cuba.


    That has been the situation since when Fidel Castro seized nearly all foreign-owned real estate in Cuba without giving them a peso for it. Any foreigner who is interested in Cuban real estate should become well-versed with Chapter 6 of Article


    The hope is that Raul Castro might change the regulations in his lifetime to allow Cuban Americans to buy in their own name.


    In the meantime, Joseph, with help from some of his cousins, has set his sights on a smaller goal — restoring an old family tomb in Havana. And some of them, several of them actually, have been receiving support and capital injection from foreign investors.


    There are a large number of properties for sale in Cuba right now, it is just a matter of knowing the legal procedures, the new regulations, and have the right advisors.


    Some visitors will enjoy a cigar, take a walk along the seafront, return to their hotel or cruise ship and head for home.