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Say Something (I'm Giving Up On You)

Comment something i would say. 10 things teachers want to say to parents, but can't.

Comment something i would say

This also apply to "fast run efficient class" like ele. Accumulate enough of this and you will be banned. You complain when your kid has "mislaid" it and it hasn't miraculously reappeared in her book-bag, the night before it is due. If any of this sounds familiar, could you maybe think about what you might do to help deal with it? No news articles or LiveJournal type confession sites. Unfortunately, the odd lost playtime at school isn't going to go far in making this problem go away, so if there's any chance of you handing out a few red cards or match bans at home it'd probably enforce the point a lot more clearly. Often, this rings alarm bells. Try setting a few tasks. I was thinking about it this morning! Ireland has a small but lively blogging community at the moment, where a lot of the same names appear as links on different pages, and also as commenters.

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    And we'd like to get to know you: Even seemingly basic routine chores will help foster his sense of worth and help him cope with life at senior school.


    PE is good for them, after all, and doing it is in their best interests. Just like maths and literacy, PE swimming included is part of the national curriculum and I'm afraid your child doesn't have a choice about whether he or she takes part in it or not.


    So, for bloggers, what to do?


    And most important, you are wasting everyone's time.


    Find a bug in the CSS? A picture with text.


    You will be permanently banned and reported to the admins.


    So, for bloggers, what to do?