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6 Awesome Bucket List Items

Bucket list ideas for men. 10,000+ Bucket List Ideas For Designing Your Best Life.

Bucket list ideas for men

Go to La Tomatina. Jumping out of a plane, free falling, then slowing down with a parachute is the thrill of a lifetime. Volunteer At a Dog Shelter. If you love intellectual stimulation and exploring new areas of knowledge in your field, then getting a PhD should definitely be on your bucket list. The plank tightens the deepest core muscles. The up and down axis of the staff tells the musician the pitch of the note—or, what note to play. Cycle Down the Danube Bike Trail. Or, you can just have a picnic at the park or in your backyard. Build a Classical Music Library. Attend the Summer Olympics. Invest part of your portfolio in gold. You can create your family tree on paper or online.

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    Juggling is a great combination of physical activity, brain stimulation, and visual stimulation. Another source of passive income is royalties from a book.


    Juggling can even be used as a method of active meditation, since the concentration required for juggling can help you to quiet down your inner mind chatter and focus on the present moment.


    Studies show that early rises are happier, healthier, more proactive, and more productive than their late rising counterparts. Traditional archery clubs across the world have regular competitions and events you can get involved in.


    Go to La Tomatina.


    Juggling is a great combination of physical activity, brain stimulation, and visual stimulation. In addition, there are many activities you can engage in if you live next to a lake, including fishing, swimming, and canoeing.


    Matcha has been found to prevent cancer and heart disease, and to slow down aging.


    You can learn to knit online or you can look for a knitting workshop near your home.


    Make it a trip to remember! Be sure to drink the bottle instead of spraying champagne on your friends.


    The duck is served with thin pancakes.