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Kelly Clarkson - Stronger (What Doesn't Kill You)

Best breakup songs for girls. The 20 Best Break Up Songs Of All Time (as of 2017).

Best breakup songs for girls

But irrespective of these reasons, the pain is the same, and resorting to music is a very comforting choice. There are many singers who have composed innumerable sad songs that touch your heart. Elvis Presley "Heartbreak Hotel" This song has been redone by numerous bands and is known as the song that made Presley stand out to America. The dude even made winning a Grammy look sad. Trust me you surely gonna like it: Hopefully not all women are like this It's so perfect Simply It stands the test of time, remaining one of the most popular songs, so you should definitely consider this if you are a guy going through heartache. Unbeautiful by Lesley Roy It reminds you that there are bigger things, like learning how to play the piano well, or getting a sweet new beanie. So next time some girl dumps your Atari for an Xbox, open up a bottle of Jack and break stuff to the following… And if you need any moral support, or want to add something to the list, hit me up Danborrelli The song is quite mellow and melancholic for a nostalgic, yet ended relationship.

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    Moving on from a break up is something that takes time and no one wants to go through it but almost everyone does at some point in their lives. The song is a classic and an overall great rock song to keep you going through a tough time.


    Foolish by Ashanti


    The songs listed here are all unique, each providing a different effect and emotion.


    The behaviors and beliefs characteristic of a particular social, ethnic, or age group. Really tells an in depth story.


    If this song didn't cut to the soul of every lack of commitment laden male in Western society, I don't know what did, myself included You don't need to struggle all the time.


    Iris by Goo Goo Dolls With beautiful lyrics, this song stands at the top of the breakup songs that guys should play.


    Goodbye My Lover by James Blunt It's not even a good "breakup" song, considering it's not even about a real relationship or a breakup, just a one-night stand.


    They say there is nothing strong enough in the world that can save a heart from breaking.